Change. Projects. Strategy.

We Develop People and Organisations.


With a strong background in transnational management, I specialise in systemic consulting for strategy and change processes, project management as well as integration and cooperation processes across companies, business units, national borders and cultures.

This includes executive coaching, international team building, conflict solving, dilemma resolution

and the implementation of strategic and sustainable social change architectures.


I work with groups and individuals from companies in process consulting, coaching, training, and action learning mode. Innovative concepts and practices, e.g. Dialogue, agile Management are permanently reviewed and integrated in our work - based on leading edge research, insights of international business schools and best practices in my professional network.


I have experience and competence in working with groups als large als 350 participants, and with a range of levels,

from established Senior Management, Chief Executive Officers to Junior Management Associates and Experts.


I work mainly in faculty teams or with single associates and independant business consultants in tandem-mode on major global strategy and change processes or international projects (e.g. Daimler, Renault-Nissan), but also individually in workshops and leadership development programmes (e.g. AXA Investment, Bombardier, EON, Zumtobel Group).



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