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Bettina Nemeczek


My name is Bettina Nemeczek and I am the founder of icoop Consulting. I work as a systemic consultant with international clients

for more than 20 years. I hold an academic degree in International Cultural and Business Studies at the University of Passau in Germany

and at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Certficat d'Etudes Politiques) in France.


I started my professional career at Mercedes-Benz. As an internal Management Consultant and Leader I worked at various international

subsidiaries in South-East Asia, Europe and the US as well as in the German Headquarter in Stuttgart. I was responsible for the internal

consultant development programme, initiated and coordinated research in the field of transnational management, and focused on

strategic projects and change processes in global Headquarter functions and international cooperations within the truck business.


Since 2001 I have enhanced my systemic background in organisation consultancy by integrating frameworks of leading transnational

management theories regarding the future of the neteconomy and connected enterprises in a permanent growing VUCA context.

In my work I combine a variety of methods and tools as well as different disciplines such as system theory,

organisational design, systemic consulting, change and agile management.


Fundamental education in group dynamics, transactional analysis and career coaching in crisis and change allow me to connect

the organisational perspective with a strong competence in leading, training and coaching teams and individuals.


International assignments lead me across the globe. I work in three languages - English, French and German, my mother tongue.

As a passionate mother I settled down close to my home town Stuttgart, in Southern Germany. Travelling and enjoying the beauty of

countries and people in espeacially in South East Asia as well as in Southern Europe and England are one of my favourite activities.

Being there supports my inspiration, new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.



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